Cop Colombia Internacional are participating Cup No.1 2018

”Give me an opportunity” – social project from Colombia. 

Read the story how the soccer academy started 20 years ago, by a you boy Gerson Andrés Flórez Pérez, who started his solidarity work for peace.


The corporation Constructors of Peace Internacional–NGO (COP International) and its soccer academy Cop Colombia Internacional, started 20 years ago with just as an idea. Its creator, the young boy Gerson Andrés Flórez Pérez, began his solidarity work for peace, making known internationally the vulnerable situation of children and teenagers in the armed conflict in Colombia. But it started to be an organization since 2007 when it was legally constituted under the parameters established by law.


Its work finally took place in the World Peace Conference known as “The Hague appeal for peace” (1998), when Gerson Andrés who was only 12 years old, Peace and Tolerance Youth Prize UN winner in 1999 and nominated by Norway parliamentarians for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000), made a great impression due to his work in favor of banning landmines in Colombia and rejected the forced recruitment of children and teenagers in to illegal armed groups.


The CORPORATION CONSTRUCTORS OF PEACE INTERNACIONAL–NGO (Cop International) and its soccer academy ESCUELA DEFÚTBOL COP COLOMBIA INTERNACIONAL, as a social preventive actor, work to provide children and teenagers in Usme (South-east past of Bogota) with spaces for the accurate use of free time. This can be done through sports paces like soccer as a tool for peace to construct collective scenarios for development and empowerment of children and teenagers. Therefore, the se spaces contribute with the restitution and respect of the youth's rights, with the aim to help them build better life projects.


Also, our job is to consolidate a group of teenagers benefited by this organization. As professionals or technicians in different areas, they can act as leaders in our community. Thus, these scholarship holders strengthen the social knitting in their own communities in Usme (Bogotá) through soccer, which is viewed as a contribution for Colombia’s peace and development, with the purpose of decreasing socialine quality.


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